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Great for Gifts

I recently had to buy wrap gifts for some A-list celebrities on our first feature film.  I stumbled upon Jus D’Amour, and found it to be a sweet and wonderful scent.  What I was surprised was our actresses were already aware of it, and it was their favorite scent.  Thanks Jus D’Amour! 🏆 🚀 🧩

Ben Adams

Mercedes made sure that my

Mercedes made sure that my order was shipped on time for my anniversary despite the fact that I ordered late! She was super efficient with communication and was professional and personable. My wife loves the fragrances she offers at Jus D’Amour!

Leslie Tietsort


This is the loveliest scent I’ve ever worn and will continue to wear. Jus d’Amour, thank you so much for fulfilling my order with lots of extra goodies. You’re the best! 💕


the sexiest perfume

I am very particular about perfumes, in my younger days I was a Chanel no. 5 girl for years and years, until I met Mercedes at an opening Gala! Since then I am totally addicted to this incredible sensual oil and spray. People literally stop me as i walk by.. its light, sexy,and makes me feel beautiful!!! love , love, love!!! Mercedes you are one talented lady!!! thank you for your creation!!! xoxoxxxoxox


The BEST perfume!!

I’ve been wearing Jus D’amour for years and can not express how much I love this scent!! The absolute best and my signature scent

Christine Fincher

The Ultimate Love Juice

I used to live in Los Angeles and about nine years ago I came across your scent at a boutique on…geesh…I can’t remember the street…anyway, I fell in love I bought two bottles, have cherished the metal hardware (on the bottle) as well as the velvet bags and was so sad when I used my last drop. So much has happened since I then…motherhood, moving out of state, etc. At any rate, I am doing very well after a difficult past few years and decided to treat myself to another bottle! So, as weird as it sounds, Jus d’amour has been an integral part of my life for some time. I really notice when love is put into something and it is clear you do that in every way with this scent. So, thank you. Happy to be back in love with Jus d’ Amour…the Ultimate Love Juice _3



A friend of mine recommended this product to me and it is honestly one of the best fragrances I have ever used. It is has such an attractive smell that also sticks with you all day long so it keeps you smelling great all day. And it is also at a great price point… should be in line with some the best fragrances out there.

John Swidzinski

Legend is Smooth!

Thank you Jus D’Amour and Mercedes for helping me feel and smell like a legend!! Smooth, classic, strong and fragrant without overpowering. Way to go! ????


My Secret Scent (but too good not to share!)

I’ve been wearing Jus d’amour for a good 3 years now I believe. While shopping in a boutique I tried a sample of it and had to have it. The smell is so beautiful and unique and long lasting which is so important to me in a scent. I need to be able to put it on in the morning and have it last into the evening. I am constantly being asked what scent i’m wearing and by not just other women but men too! I cant say enough about Jus D’amour. It does not disappoint ever. On this order I also purchased Detour. Have not tried it yet but based off the description I’m excited to give it a try! I’m looking forward to being double trouble in the scent department. Thanks Mercedes and crew!

Jennifer Powers

Love love love

This is the best perfume ever! I’ve been wearing it for several years and still can’t get enough of this amazing scent!

Chrissy Fincher

Favorite Accessory

My fragrance is more important to me than the clothing I wear. I have spent years sampling perfumes from department store to niche houses, from affordable to astronomical. This is my all time favorite. I am picky, I need to love it from first spray to dry down and it has to last. Jus D’Amour is perfect! It manages to be cozy, sultry and fresh all at once. A wonderful, warm vanilla with no stickiness. This combination of 6 notes is perfectly balanced so that none of them scream; together they sing. I appreciate the high quality ingredients which deliver lovely sillage and longevity. The icing on this cake is the outstanding customer service, exemplary to be sure!

Paula Behnken

The best scent ever!

I’ve been wearing Jus D’Amour for about four years now and it is the most amazing perfume!! I couldn’t even count the number of compliments I have gotten about this perfume. Literally every time I wear it someone will tell me how amazing I smell and they’re all strangers. I even had a woman I didn’t know hug me in the middle of Walmart because she absolutely loved the scent and wanted to get it to rub off on her! LOL

Christine Fincher

Outstanding customer service!

It is so incredibly gracious and exceedingly professional that when you call with a question, a person answers the phone who will talk you through placing your order and do everything possible to make you a happy customer. This Ontarian appreciates your help more than you know! Thank you and thank you to Google (Pandora’s Box) and Jennie Garth who intrigued me and sparkedinterest in this!

Melisa Meneely

Earthy, intelligent, sensual, with a whisper of sweetness

This fragrance is best described as a cashmere sweater, soft, sexy, comfortable, sophisticated. It has the perfect blend of aromas, giving it a captivating depth of character. Earthy, intelligent, sensual, with a whisper of sweetness. I have spent years seeking this exact scent. Exploring the perfume stands at the department stores. Unsuccessfully trying to describe the aroma to the sales girls and never quite finding it. When I first discovered Jus DAmour I wanted to shout “That’s it! That’s my long searched for signature sent!”

Tammy Williamson

The Perfect Fragrance for All Time

I ordered my first bottle of Jus D’Amour about 3-4 months ago. It is absolutely amazing and delightful! I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel dressed without my perfume. I also usually have certain fragrances for the winter season and totally different fragrances for the summer season. However, since I have started using Jus D’Amour, it is my favorite fragrance for “all time!.” I would recommend it to anyone, any age, any personality, any occasion….it truly is timeless and elegeant!

Frankie Pinnix

Still in love

I first ordered Jus D’Amour 3 years ago and I still love it. Its the perfect balance – not over done or perfumey. It’s like a comfort food only its a perfume :). Everyone always asks what I’m wearing. Selfishly I wish they didn’t, I’d like to keep it just for myself .

Chad Rogers

Nice doing business with you!

I am a die-hard Roy Jones Jr. fan so when I found out he had some cologne and jewelry line from JusDamour.com I had to support my favorite fighter of all time. The staff at JusDamour.com are awesome they quickly responded to my questions via email. My package came exactly when they said they would ship it and Thanks to Mercedes for adding some sample products to my order. I definitely will order again. Thanks, WAB.


Love At First Scent

My first experience with Jus D’ Amour was like love at first sniff. I love the fact that this scent is in a class by itself. There is no comparison. The smell of this oil is very sexy, romantic, pure and clean. And it last all day! The coco palm, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and all other ingredients in this scent compliments each other. This scent is pure love, love, love! Not only is the scent lovely, Mercedes is just as lovely. Thank you for creating such an awesome product. I am forever hooked.

Joyce Humphrey-Lee

Amazing scent!!!

I received my bottle of the perfume oil and love the smell. Perfect combination!! My husband loves it too. Thank you Mercedes!!!

Laura Ruppert


I stole the title for this testimonial from Mercedes’ sumptuous new album RAY OF LIFE. So seldom do you hear a performer’s heart and soul in every lyric and every note. It’s a most beautiful thing indeed to have your spirit touched by her voice. And while her music makes its way to your heart, it crosses your mind, “if only she could bottle this most beautiful thing”. And my god she has ! In a legendary scent that magically disturbs your molecules in the sexiest way. Yes, it’s that powerful. Mercedes describes herself as a ROCK AND SOUL STORYTELLER and with her music and her scents, she tells the most compelling, engaging, complete story you’re likely to hear and smell. I’m grateful everyday for the lessons she teaches me about the importance of living your dreams. Living passionately. Keep all your senses alive. Having a heart as big as her smile. And to think we can now all have a little of all of this in a bottle. Legendary.

Ronald Wohlman

Awesome One of a Kind

I received a bottle for a gift and been hooked ever since. All of the scents are unique. Sometimes I have people following me in random places asking me what I am wearing. 🙂 Hats off to you guys I love this artistry.

Darlyne Stewart

Loving Sassy!

ok so I’m on my second order with in the last few weeks~ love the promotion of sassy that you have going on!

Kim O'Brien


After reading about this amazing oil in a magazine I ordered a bottle. Oh my gosh! Not only do I love it, I get compliments everywhere I go on how amazing I smell. I need a gallon of this liquid heaven!!

Michele Smith

Great Product Great Service

As a first time purchaser I couldn’t be more pleased with my Jus D’Amour oil as well as your customer service! I got my order with in days and I had also contacted your customer service department with a question and the response was quick and professional~ now that I have found my new “go to” fragrance you have a customer for life!

Kim O'Brien

Jus D’Amazing

I ordered a small size bottle of the Jus D’Amore after reading about it in a magazine. I love it!! It’s musky, woodsy, earthy scent get me noticed everywhere I go!! Seriously!! People are constantly telling me I smell amazing!! I need more!!! It’s very pricey for me. That would be my only complaint, but it is my new signature scent. It’s all I care to wear ever again!!!! I can not say enough about how wonderful it smells:

Michele Smith

Jus D’Amour Parfum

Essence of Love: is Heavens oil in a bottle. Addictive aroma, sophisticated love potion. The blend is amazing! You don’t need much and last a long time! Would love a car freshener of Essence, I love it that much..I’m a forever into Jus D’Amour parfums! I would recommend to not give into pop stars cheap lines of smell good and try this product line. Keep up the good work guys:)

Tammy Stevens


Received my Jus D’Amour Spray and I Love IT, Thank You You have a lifetime customer

Miriam Gage

The Real Thing!

The perfume I received was even better than any expectations and it clearly is of the highest quality, long lasting fragrances ever created. Thanks JusD’Amour


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